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          Word Dungeons features classic word game fun with an immersive twist. Grab the letters you're given and try to find as many words as you can. Discover the power of the runes - an ancient power that can aid you in your journey through the Dungeon. Acquire loot and use it to grow your power and discover the secrets hidden within the dungeon. Escape and flaunt your glory to the world on the leaderboard. Try a harder difficulty, find more secret treasure or go for a higher score in a fresh run. Each playthrough is randomized for endless replay-ability! 


  • Randomized words, loot drops, dungeon layouts and events.

  • Rouge-lite style gameplay where death is permanent, but saving your progress is an option!

  • A unique and dynamic original soundtrack that evolves as you progress.

  • 3 Levels of difficulty from simple and relaxing to challenging and unforgiving. Try Hardcore mode for the ultimate challenge!

  • Global leaderboards.

  • All wrapped up in a shiny, hand-drawn package.

     Harness the Power Of the Runes:
          Your journey through the Dungeon will undoubtedly be an arduous one, luckily, you have the Runes. Each Rune has its own unique power that grows stronger as you collect more. Use them in a pinch to get those last few words, or hang on to them as long as you can to maximize their strength.

     Discover Secrets Within:
          Spread throughout the Dungeon are mysterious events where you can utilize the loot you've acquired throughout the Dungeon. Trade with the mysterious cyclops merchant, use your keys to open chests, and more!

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