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          I started working on The Ascension back in 2010, and have been working on it slowly ever since. The Ascension is an Adventure Puzzle Shooter that draws inspiration from a lot of my favorite games and genres. The game takes place over the course of 10 linear stages, with three additional side-quests for a total of 13 maps.

          Each level represents a different part of the story, but also highlights a different aspect of my life and my experience in game design. For example, earlier levels like the legacy version of Forest Dungeon and the Underground Railway were made back in 2010 / 2011 when I was most focused on level design and art. Later stages, like Zam's Tower Defense and The Stronghold are significantly more gameplay focused, and as a result, the art and level design is significantly less developed, if at all. The focus of the video below is to take you through some of the level design / art that would be featured in the game.

          If you are interested in some of the gameplay features within The Ascension, please check out some of the levels featured in my Game Design Portfolio.

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