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          Hello! I am an Electrical Engineering graduate from Penn State University and a self taught game developer! I used to work a lot with the Source Engine (Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike), primarily designing levels and prototyping alternate game modes. More recently, my friend and I started an indie game development company called BlueRift Studios. Our debut project - Word Dungeons - is a word game developed from scratch in Unity for Steam, iOS and Android!

          I am very passionate about music as well, from live performance to writing and recording. I also enjoy the world of fitness and nutrition, and love cooking a good meal with my pal Boris. I also enjoy making silly, colorful art, but I think nothing brings people together quite like a fun game!


          Come check out some of my old Source projects and prototypes, or head over to the BlueRift Studios page to check out Word Dungeons and other projects we're working on. Thanks for stopping by!


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